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Flexion Extruder Up And Running :-b

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Thu Nov 09, 2017 5:42 pm  

I just took my previous mod - the DSUB15 print head quick connector - to the next level :-)

A Flexion Extruder, some stepper motor and fan combined with a simple housing printed from ABS on the Trinus ... a bit of tape here, some additional cuts there ... a piece of 0.3mm aluminium sheet metal underneath to keep the heat off the ABS ... a little wiring and soldering & voila: My Trinus and the Flexion extruder are finally printing flexible filament like a charm:


Proof-of-concept done! The only thing I had to change in the first place was to reverse the stepper motor rotation. My next task: a redesign of the housing to incorporate all the features I added manually with a knife.

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