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Always have a watchful eye on the heated print bed connector!

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Fri Dec 22, 2017 5:44 pm  

It is annoying when all of a sudden ABS prints mysteriously fail because there is no heat from beneath any more. The connector was about to start burning!
So better have a watchful eye on every Trinus' connector that transfers significant current - especially the cheap ones get very hot.
Unattended, you may end up with something like this:

http://www.walther-mathieu.de/PICS/Trin ... 5214_X.JPG

http://www.walther-mathieu.de/PICS/Trin ... 5221_X.JPG

This calls for another mod :-)

Again a bit of soldering... a Phoenix MCV1,5/4-G-3,5 ... note that I already had to bridge delaminated copper on the PCB! And, while at it, I soldered massive copper wires to the 12V input connector of the main PCB as well - the one which burnt my fingers when I tried to unplug it.

http://www.walther-mathieu.de/PICS/Trin ... 5222_X.JPG

http://www.walther-mathieu.de/PICS/Trin ... 5223_X.JPG

Now my Trinus again is running fine!
I may now want to print me some X-mas knickknack :-b.

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