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Any Tutorial for Printing directly from PC with my Trinus?

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Wed Aug 09, 2017 2:22 pm  

I know Pango requires an SD card, which is a nice feature but I'm not a fan of it a singular method. I've seen several posts here with bits and pieces regarding the best way to print from a PC, but I haven't seen an actual tutorial or simple step-by-step to get Started.

Can someone direct me to a tutorial, or give me a step by step account of how to print and control my Trinus using my PC via USB? Including a list of necessary software and other utilities.
Does this exist?

Thanks :D
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Thu Nov 16, 2017 4:44 am  

Download Repeteir Host freeware software.
Search for tutorial on its use. Once you have it connected to Trinus via USB, you can drag drop gcode file into it (but not pcode by Pango) to print directly from PC. It is also a frontend for two embedded slicers -- Cura and Slic3r that you can use instead of Pango.
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