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MakerGeek March Madness Box

What kinds of filament are you using? Where did you get it? What are your results?
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Wed Mar 22, 2017 12:32 am  

Hey guys,

I figured i would post the new MakerGeek Box that cam in the mail today. Im pretty surprised with the box, i thought it would have been like all other monthly boxes full of stuff i wouldnt use or not enough of something I liked. Well this isnt the case with MakerGeek, i got 2 yes 2 1KG rolls of filament, brass brush to clean my nozzle, a pretty large sheet of PEI bed tape all for 30 bucks.

the first filament is the Maker Series PLA in "WhoBlu." They clam its that it pretty close to the Dr. Who Blue, it looks pretty close on the roll we will see when i print with it. I was a little surprised that the Temp was so high at 235. they do recommend using green frog tape but say you can use glass, PEI, or Kapton tape. no heat bed Needed but you can use one. so thats a bonus for me since i dont have a heat bed yet :)

the next Filament (which im actually printing something now with) is there Maker Series PLA in Gleaming White, boy do i like this color the first layer is translucent but once the layers start stacking the white POPs. it does have the same Temp as the WhoBlu at 235 but it defiantly sticks to my bed, which is good because i didnt want to print a Raft and decided to use a skirt to check it out (i have never had success with a skirt since i got the printer) I am extremely happy so far with how its working out so far.

The next thing that came in the box was a typical brass wire brush not super hard so thats good if i decided to use it dont want to scratch the black paint.

and the final thing they added was the PEI bed tape which to me looks like those plastic film things in high school your teacher would write on and project on the board behind her. (yeah im a little old) it claims you can print 100's and 100's of prints on one sheet so we will see.

and as a bonus they always have a Small Project for the month, and since this is March Madness they used a 3D Printed pocket basketball game ( http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:262427) i will be printing this out in Red, White and Blue in honor of my Arizona Wildcats ;)

cheers guys if you need any questions answered please ask away.

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Fri Mar 24, 2017 2:36 pm  

I didn't know they did this! that is great price for filament!. thank you for letting us know.

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